Peter’s PhD on football!

Peter: “Jane, could you design the cover for my PhD on football?”
Jane: “On football?”
Peter: “Uhu. Actually the full title is: Expert Performance in Association Football Refereeing: the Fine-Tuning of Perceptual-Cognitive Skills in Offside decision making.”

That’s what my brother asked me in February. And I had only two weeks to come up with something.
And I didn’t even know what offside was! What I did know is that nearly all the designs of published doctorates are awfully ugly. (Not hard to imagine if you see the length of the titles!)
In a nutshell, it was quite a challenge. As was the PhD for my brother, I suppose. He defended the thesis yesterday in front of friends, family, colleagues and very scary people in big, black, impressive robes.
I was very glad not to be in his shoes, my work was done!

I must say, it was not unpleasant to see all those smart people walking around with my design in their hands.
The drawing of the assistant referee (I know what they’re called now, I even know what offside is now) is done with drawing ink.

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