spotted: digital genius

Digital illustration often tends to be too clean. But I’ve found two prime examples proving the opposite can be very true. I’ll also include some images revealing their process of work. It requires both talent and a lot of patience, I guess.
The compositions, colour work, shadow play… grand work on some big themes.

Tomer Hanuka

the perfect storm

Night ProbeClient: American Illustration. The capture of Saddam, seen from the other side.

Hollywood Fixer
Client: Playboy Magazine
Often, only a man stands between a celebrity and danger. Meet Aaron Cohen,
the go-to guy for stars in peril. Art Directed by Cody Tilson.

Swallowed By the Sea
Client: Newsweek
Archeologists claim to have discovered the lost city of Atlantis, a fabled place built –like much
of the world–in the crosshairs of nature. Art directed by Dirk Barnett.

Tomer Hanuka is an illustrator and a cartoonist based in New York City.

Frank Stockton

bad blood

“5K” Runner’s World 2008


clockwork orange

the king

Frank Stockton is an artist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY.

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