spotted: Grant Snider’s Incidental comics

I’ve recently posted Grant Sniders’s take on sketchbooks assuming it was a brilliant one-off.
But now I’ve recently discovered on Ape on the moon (a website on contemporary visual culture I regularly read) that it is part of a series, title Incidental comics, which is available online and in print.

So I have now added the series to my reading list and pinned a print to my wish list because – when looking at these comics (and chuckling throughout) – I feel I really like Grant Snider: witty, creative, playful and with an interesting take on things. His comics really make me want to have a first go at this genre.


“As well as a view on life that is full of wit, there’s a kind of poetry in Grant Snider’s perspective. His comics often have an introspective observation that picks up on the light side of the trials of being an artist.” (by Philip Dennis – Ape on the moon)


“Grant Sinder is a cartoonist, illustrator, and the creator of Incidental Comics, which has appeared online and in a local newspaper since May 2009. He’s also a recent dental school graduate and current orthodontic resident at the University of Colorado-Denver.”

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