My first stop motion: My boyfriend is a skater

I’m completely in the dark when it comes to frontside kick flips, backside kick flips, 360° kick flips, nose manny shuv-its and basic ollies…as I should be. When I was a teenager I assumed skateboarding to be a teenager’s hobby. A hobby that I was not interested in at all and boyfriends always were. I once tried standing on a skateboard, not skateboarding, just standing up straight on the deck and I almost broke my tail-bone. (I do adore snowboarding by the way, that’s something completely different, in my opinion.)

Anyway, here I am, 27 at the moment and I still have a boyfriend who’s a skater. A proper skater that is, not just some kind of poser. And yes, we do have a legal relationship, as a matter of fact, he is thirty something. Apparently there’s more of them, these slightly overaged skaters. The boyfriend has quite some thirtyish friends who can get so revved up talking about their latest street skate footage, you might think they’re discussing the latest football derby. They would say: ‘In today’s skating session he managed to do a fakie kickflip noselide shuv-it grind and he pulled off a flipped street trick flip’ (or something similar that makes sense, whatever).

After all these years of listening to similar conversations, I still can’t seem to get my head around how these tricks work. And that’s why I thought a stop motion animation might help. And hey… it didn’t. But do enjoy it, nonetheless. And, of course, I am quite proud of my skatepro boyfriend.

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