A story a day keeps …you sane?

I don’t have to tell any of you parents out there how hard it is to combine working @ home and keeping your kids from tearing your place apart.

My youngest still naps, but my oldest isn’t really skilled (yet?) at keeping herself entertained during that so called siesta. She has tons of energy and the only thing that seems to calm her down is …. listening to stories! Especially those her mom tells her … so… since the start of the Corona lockdown I’ve been reading and recording one story a day. Afterwards she can listen to the story 6 times over with her headphones on and I can get some work done!

On this link you can listen to 4 stories from week 1:

I have no idea why I wrote this post in English when all the stories are Dutch 🙂 ??

If you want to download the stories, just send me a pm.

If you have one of these books at home, the accordion sound (she does this herself) is the signal to turn the page.

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