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More sailor’s delight

May 29, 2019

I don’t know where the sailors keep coming from, but here they are… I’m a big fan of Stephan Vanfleteren. When I see his pictures, I always end up drawing them. (I’m not sure if that’s allowed, but you could call it fan art, right?) There’s something imperfect, yet captivating about the faces he catches on film. Here’s my take on his sailor. I made a quick sketch in my sketchbook and then he ended up on my computer one evening. He turned out different than the version of my favourite photographer, yet I still quite like him. Oh captain, my captain!




November 12, 2011

school is cool

July 6, 2010

School is cool, or at least.. all the old didactic stuff you can find in a school. We used a lot of it in the scenery of last week’s proclamation. The scenery was supposed to present a ‘lab of knowledge’. I still regret not having brought my camera that night. With the warm lightning and baroque atmosphere, it looked great. I took some pictures when cleaning up, but it was an idle effort, the lab of knowledge was already gone.
But maybe some pictures are still worth a look?