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(kerst)kaarten te koop tijdens de warmste week!

December 10, 2019

De Sint is met zijn gevolg terug richting warmere oorden.

Hoog tijd om ons ongegeneerd te hullen in hogere kerstsferen! 

Wie kerstsfeer zegt, zegt kerstkaart. Ook dit jaar verkoop ik kerstkaarten van eigen makelij. Ik hoop zo wat geld te verzamelen voor Kras jeugdwerk en Sant’Egidio/Kamiano.

1 (kerst)kaart = 1,5 euro    –   5 (kerst)kaarten = 7 euro
10 (kerst)kaarten = 12 euro   –   15 (kerst)kaarten = 15 euro 

Je mag me mailen (jane.catteeuw(at), hier reageren, whatsappen of pm’en als je geïnteresseerd bent, dan spreken we af hoe we de kaartjes het gemakkelijkst bij jou krijgen.

Je mag overschrijven op BE27 7380 4193 8273 met mededeling van je naam en aantal kaarten.

Postcards for sale

October 19, 2019

My new postcards are for sale @TLNT (Talent in de buurt, Statiestraat, just around our corner) and right here of course.

I’m working on a new Christmas card. Let me know if you’re interested and you’ll be the first to know when it’s printed.


Inspirational sailor

April 13, 2019


I’ve been working on this sailor for too long and I have decided that he’s finished even though I’m not satisfied with the result. The idea was that the sailor would be entirely covered with inspirational tattoos but the project turned out to be too time-consuming, so I threw in the towel halfway. Maybe he just needed one extra tattoo ‘don’t give up, even when you’re stuck’



It’s been four years

December 30, 2018

Almost four years ago now my eldest daughter was born and I realised that having a fulltime job and raising a baby (keeping me awake) + doing up your house + working out + drawing would be a bit too much for me. I decided I would stop drawing for some time. Some people didn’t understand my decision but I’d rather go for a run (or BBB/yoga-class 🙂 in the spare personal time I had. Moreover, when I start drawing I tend to constantly think about a certain project and ideas spring to mind at the weirdest times, my baby brain couldn’t handle this.

In those four years we were blessed with two beautiful girls and it was such a pleasure to design the birth announcement cards (of course, raising them was a marvelous journey as well but that’s not what this blog is about). 


Now, almost four years later… we are finally able to sleep through the nights most of the time (I’m so scared typing this, I don’t want to jinx it), our house is renovated (or 2/3 of it), I’m working 4/5 and my baby brain is kicking back to life, I’ve picked up drawing again and I’m superexcited about it!  

At the moment, I’m designing a birth announcement card for a very dear friend of mine, but that’s all I can tell for the time being.


Seasonal greetings

November 26, 2012

I’ve tried to design some Christmas postcards that are not covered in honey nor snow.

A series of cards:

Frontside of another card:

Backside of this card:

Now it’s time to decide which one I’ll order in print. You can always help me with that.


November 11, 2012




November 3, 2012


komende Kerst?

October 28, 2012


summer (sale)

August 25, 2012

This summer has been rather unusual. I haven’t been drawing as much as I would have liked (as we are doing up our house, a very time consuming job), but I still managed to get some things done in the illustrating department.
Thanks to Lotte who organised a garden sale in the beginning of August.
I want to thank all the visitors for showing up. It was a pleasant, sunny afternoon.
Here are some pictures of the event.

This garden sale will certainly not be a one-off. I’m planning a ‘garden sale’ @ home with my niece Sanne Debrabandere who designs jewelry. Check out her website.