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sketchbook fun

December 31, 2018

So, I’ve taken up drawing again and I’ve been having fun. Just doodling away in my sketchbook most of the time.



Travel doodles

April 22, 2013

oorpijn paris   An ear infection kicked in at the kick off of our Paris school trip.

Life on Mars

March 17, 2013


Fisherman’s friends

March 14, 2013






It’s been too long… These sketches date from the 19th of January already and only now did I find/make some time to edit them a little bit.
I hope the near future will bring me more time to practise, I’ve really missed my sketchbook lately.

A new year = a new sketchbook

January 27, 2013

I have a weird set of beliefs when it comes to sketchbooks.

1. A new year = a new sketchbook.
Whether it’s September or January; a new year equals a new book. Even if the last one would not be filled from cover to cover. (Luckily, I managed to do that this year, my last sketchbook was an expensive Moleskine, it would have been such a waste).


2. The first drawing is vital.
I will only feel comfortable with my new sketchbook when the first drawing turns out OK (Luckily, I was quite satisfied with this dog). If I mess up that first drawing, I tend to dislike my new sketchbook and will chuck it out eventually.


3. A sketchbook determines the look and feel of all the sketches in it.
I have the feeling that a sketchbook can determine a ‘mood’ and that drawings that were created within the same book will have a similar feel or atmosphere to them.

IMG_0001 copy

4. Handmade sketchbooks are the best
I made this one in December. I used Marpa Jansen brown paper (24x34cm, 100g/m2) and I’ve hand sewn it. It’s easier than you think. Maybe next time I’ll do a post on how to sew your own booklet.


Zoo trip

January 13, 2013







I went to the zoo with my friend Sien today. Our hands froze but it was worth the while. I do need a lot more practice, though, these were the best results.

Practice pays: drawing hands

September 26, 2012

With special thanks to my teacher, Vera, who told me (over and over again) I would not regret putting more time and effort into the study of hands.
And when I finally listened I discovered she was right (as good teachers always are). So from now on, no more hands in pockets or hidden behind backs, but hands showing five digits, out in the open!

o = overgetekend (copied from someone else’s drawings)

z = zelf (studied from my own left hand)

some sketches

September 19, 2012

101st post: more Vong Phu studies

May 22, 2012

The year is drawing to a close. I’ll have to hurry up in finishing the tasks at hand, since my jury is in two weeks’ time. Hope I’ll make the deadline.
Time does go fast, this is already my 101st post.

Vong Phu part 2

April 23, 2012

“Vong Phu” is the tale of a simple, sad woman, waiting for her husband to return. Every day she climbs a mountain with her son to look out for him, but every evening they descend again, as he is nowhere to be seen. After years and years of patience and determination, finally the woman and her son turn into a mountain. Seems like a very sad ending, but actually it’s a beautiful story.