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Travel doodles

April 22, 2013

oorpijn paris   An ear infection kicked in at the kick off of our Paris school trip.


spotted: a love for letters

October 6, 2011

Dana Tamanachi

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Watch her create these beautiful pieces of hand drawn lettering…

Nagging Doubt Viognier from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Carolyn Sewell

Carolyn Sewell is an American designer with a love for letters. I bumped into het The Postcards to my parents-project and I thought it very charming:
Carolyn’s parents are the awesomest. Or at least she thinks so…and decided to show them. Starting with their wedding anniversary on July 23, 2009, Sewell hand-drew a postcard for them, and put it in the mail. And then repeated this for the next 365 days.  The content of the cards is quite random, ranging from messages of love and adoration, snarky quotes from friends, family and television, and the occasional drawing of a gnome.

Spotted on Grain Edit:

Like Minded Studio
Sydney, Australia based Like Minded Studio, is an internationally celebrated lettering and branding studio. I love the lining and the “packed” imagery.

I did some lettering myself two years ago. I’ve been wanting to do some more letter work for some time and seeing these artists at work, really makes me want to get into it again. You can check out my old work on my website in the mean time, or here on my blog.

money money money

April 5, 2011

Festivalitis burns

September 12, 2010

“Festivalitis burns”, a design I made for a friend of mine, Tina Visser. She’s a nurse and works with people who suffer from serious burn injuries. They take the patients on a summer camp every year. This year they made a trip to Pukkelpop and asked me to make a design for their T-shirts and hats.

What type(face) are you?

July 8, 2010

Take the test at Pentagram and find out.
A very friendly, old man will guide you through the test, before uttering his final, well considered judgement. Eventhough you don’t get to see his face, the man will talk to you, so you’ll need speakers for this test. Although, I’m not sure, is he using sign language as well or just waving about?

My type appears to be Corbusier Stencil.

A typeface adapted from a early 20th century zinc stencil set. Published on Lineto, the font is part of the «Corbusier» family offering three different versions of the stencil: Regular, Condensed and Oldface. This oldface version also features a number of custom ligatures for certain character combinations. A set of facts and trivia have been collected around this popular stencil type and the architect. (A to Z Le Corbusier)

Picturing antonyms.

June 17, 2010

Picturing antonyms..using illustration and typo.
Can you guess the four word pairs?


May 13, 2010

I’ve been keeping a typo-“journal” for a while now. I just draw some words, whatever I think of on the spur of the moment (what I’ve eaten, seen, thought of,… during the day). I posted some of those sketches on my site a while ago, as I’ve been busy lately I added a few. You can check out all the results here, but here’s already a preview.

Jaane at Kunstenstraat Berchem

May 5, 2010

Op het einde van de Driekoningenstraat (tegen de Grote Steenweg), op de rechterkant naast de krantenwinkel, vind je een klein winkeltje ‘Vincent Leermiddelen’. Ze verkopen er wereldbollen, skeletten en ander interessant didactisch materiaal. Sinds kort (en ook maar voor een korte periode) kan je er een werkje van mij bewonderen. Mocht je m’n andere “typografische” tekeningen willen bekijken, één adres: