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design cover Faro magazine

May 16, 2012

I’ve recently designed the cover for a magazine published by Faro (Vlaams steunpunt voor cultureel erfgoed).
The magazine features an article written by my father: ‘A framework of reference for intercultural competence. From intercultural project to social adaptation.’

My family seems to be an expert in handing me jobs with impossibly long and incomprehensible titles.
Remember Peter’s PhD? ‘Expert performance in association football refereeing: the acquisition and fine-tuning of perceptual-cognitive skills in offside decision making.’ I still don’t get what it was about, anyway, but the result can still be seen here.

The topics they write about also don’t seem to be the easiest to illustrate: football and offside training on the one hand and intercultural communication on the other hand? But interesting themes, nonetheless. How do you illustrate ‘intercultural competence’ using one image that should appeal to a public wanting to read Faro’s magazine?

Here’s the full design: front and back (folded)

I hope I managed somehow. I used the tower of Babel as inspiration. The different styles of buildings (there’s a Greek temple, the Pantheon, an American flat  and a Hundertwasser amongst others) represent the different cultures. Such a city is oviously filled with intercultural competent people 🙂 and from one of the windows we get to understand what it means to be interculturally competent according to the assessment criteria my father designed.

Here are some preliminary studies: